Tips To Choose The Best Kids Halloween Costumes

January 2, 2017

I gathered a lot of information about how to choose the best Halloween costumes for your kids. Now I perfectly understand most parents, who shriek with fear as Halloween approaches there are so many sources of information, recommendations and ads for Halloween costumes that I almost got lost.

But wait, I did something better – I combined all the info I found with my own ideas and got this helpful list of tips on how to choose the best and most unique Halloween costume for your little angels.

Tips for Children

Actually they are for both children over 3 years old and their parents (especially mothers).

1. First and most important tip for choosing kids Halloween costumes is for you parents: Let the kids choose the costumes they really love.

I mean don’t try to make a decision for your children’s costumes only by yourselves. If they are grown up to 3 or more years of age, it’s absolutely sure they’ll have their own personal opinion on how to look like at the Halloween party. So ask them first and then take the final decision together.

2. If you decide to purchase a ready made costume, first consider the safety and comfort of your kids.

Be sure the costume does not impair their mobility or vision and won’t fall apart before the end of the night. Make sure the costume leaves enough room for warm and comfy clothes in case of chilly Halloween evening. Also check if it would be easy for your kid to take off or unbutton (unzip) the costume in order to play games or use the restroom.

3. If you decide to make your kids’ Halloween costumes yourself, let the children help you with whatever they can and have fun together with you. Don’t leave the costumes making for the last possible moment, or you risk disappointing your children in case something goes seriously wrong with your work.

However, I do not recommend you making the Halloween costumes yourself. There are so many ready made costumes of popular TV and movie stars, or your kids’ favorite cartoon characters. I wonder whether your kids will appreciate your efforts, if they see a friend wearing last craze ready-made costume of Batman or Spiderman, and they are not.

4. OK, you’ve decided to buy a ready-made costume, then hurry up and shop before mid October, when the variety is still huge. Otherwise the more popular Halloween costumes will be sold out in both stores – the old well known ones, as well as in the big online Halloween stores.


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