How To Be Creative With Adult Halloween Costumes

January 2, 2017

Children aren’t the only ones who celebrate Halloween! Adults like to celebrate this fun holiday by dressing up in spooky attire too. Not sure how to make your adult Halloween costume unique? Here are some creative ways to spice up your Halloween costume.

Spice Up Adult Halloween Costumes with Accessories

You can easily spice up adult Halloween costumes with some well-placed accessories. Accessories spice up adult costumes and take virtually zero time to do. Here are some suggestions for themed costumes:

Witch theme? Make adult Halloween costumes creative with extra-long acrylic fingernails. Choose your shade (black or red is best), glue it on, and get ready to stand out in a very, very sinister way.

Going as vampires? Make adult Halloween costumes stand out with fake blood capsules. Put a couple of capsules in your mouth, bite down, and let the blood pour from your mouth. It’s not a good way to pick up female companions, but it’s a very creative — and bloody — way to stand out during Halloween.

Going glamorous? Don’t forget to load those accessories (and maybe a feather boa if you’re feeling extra-glamorous).

Whatever you do, picking accessories that match with adult Halloween costumes adds a creative flair. It also doesn’t involve much work � which is always a perk.

Add Additional Wear to Adult Halloween Costumes

Most adult costumers don’t just stop at the adult Halloween costume. They add additional clothing, such as outerwear like stockings or gloves. Here are some things to add to adult Halloween costumes:

Stockings. It’s going to be chilly on Halloween, so this also serves a practical purpose.

Piercings. If you have any piercings, buy piercings themed to your costume.

Hats. You didn’t really forget about hats, did you? Hats these days have expanded from its baseball cap roots � burlesque hats, hats with animal ears, and cowboy hats are very popular these days. It’s a creative way to spice up bland adult Halloween costumes, and all you need to do is put a cap on your head.

A quick note: This is the best way to dress up adult Halloween costumes, and the options here are limitless. Most adult costumes need additional clothing to dress it up. Don’t assume that your costume was meant to roam alone.

Fix Adult Halloween Costumes With Your Face?

Here’s one last creative tip — try changing your face! Alter your face with makeup, contacts, and a carefully placed wig.

Makeup: Look up makeup tutorials on the Internet for creative Halloween ideas. Makeup is the difference between being Caucasian and looking Asian (be ready to use lots of eyeliner!).

Contacts: It’s pretty easy to get color contacts now, so visit your local optometrist for color options. Contacts are a creative way to instantly refresh faces � and add intrigue to adult Halloween costumes.

Wigs: Normal hair is boring. Wigs lessen the hassle of real money, are very versatile, and you won’t need to dye your hair to get bright neon hair. Invest in a good wig if you can because bad wigs aren’t very attractive. They’re very �in� during Halloween also.

In case you haven’t noticed, all of these adult Halloween costume ideas do not include a lot of work. It only involves a little style, well-placed items, and knowing how to coordinate with your adult Halloween costume. Being creative with adult Halloween costumes doesn’t mean you have to work hard for it � you simply need to know how to add that great flair.


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