Baby Halloween Costumes So Adorable You Will Squeal With Delight!

January 2, 2017

Who doesn’t smile at the sight of an adorable baby all dressed up as a sweet-pea or pumpkin? Halloween is the perfect time for dress-up! Obviously, not all children will be able to partake in the Halloween treats, but they can be dressed adorably in Halloween costumes. Don’t despair if you find you lack the time to sew a homemade baby or toddler Halloween costume. Costumes are easily found from the teeny tiniest infant Halloween costume to baby and toddler sizes.

There are so many different cute infant and baby Halloween costumes, so dressing a baby up is no problem on this holiday. Some of the most popular costumes are Halloween related, such as pumpkins, devils, spiders, and even baby witch costumes. Some other popular costumes include peapods, carrots, and many other vegetables that just look so adorable on any baby.

You should note that if your baby is very young, you should not use a mask. For young babies this can be dangerous and impede breathing. For older babies, well, they simply won’t stay on! We all know little ones are great at grabbing things and taking them off, like eyeglasses, and yes, Halloween masks. However, your little one may like to wear a hat instead.

Beginning at about toddler age and up, children have a large choice of Halloween costumes to choose from when they go look for their favorite. They can dress up as just about anyone they choose. Most stores will cater with abandon to this age group, so there is a lot of selection. If there’s a popular movie out, such as the Shrek series, you will find any character from that movie. The same holds true for any character from the Harry Potter movies. Of course, Disney classics like Snow White are always favorites forevermore.

Some great ideas for girl’s costumes include witches, fairies, and even angels. Dora the Explorer, Bratz, and even Shrek are great movies and TV shows that many costumes are created after, along with the many Disney movies that are both new and classic. Girls can even dress up as pirates, goblins, and other scary characters if they like.

Maybe you have a limited Halloween costume budget? Let’s face it, who wants to spend gobs on an outfit worn for a few hours? If a boy is whom you shop for, go for a basic costume spruced up with accessories. You will find no shortage of cute (well, don’t tell them that!) pieces. Goblins, sea-monsters and swamp creatures are easily created with a bit of make-up here and there. Favorite characters such as Shrek, Spiderman and Batman are easy to find and affordable to purchase Halloween costumes. If you are buying for an older boy, look for a coordinating hat or accessory, such as a plastic knife or eye-patch. Boys like dress-up just as much as girls!

Try to think ahead a bit when it comes to Halloween. Everyone is super busy these days, but rushing to the store at the last moment could make for a hectic scene. Little kids can get overly excited and dramatic when it comes to an event based around sugar. Find out what he or she would like to be and shop at a few stores for the best price. Infant Halloween costumes and toddler Halloween costumes can be found online, the best place to shop. With a little foresight, you are sure to have a fun family evening.

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